Episode 2 – Our First Event

Last week, we spent some time introducing ourselves and our plan for the Kinkquest.org community. This week, we wanted to get rolling with the fun stuff, so it seemed like a good place to start might be our first sex party.

We took our first steps into the sex community at swing parties, which were really fun for us in many ways, and not a great fit in others. We talk about what we saw, what we did, and what we learned in this episode of KinkQuest. Join us and hear all about our adventures, then drop by the community and tell us all about yours!


  1. It’s great to hear the little goofs at the end of things, as it really drives home the point that kink relationships really are just normal relationships with a slant on them.

    And yes, as a cat, I can confirm that a trill is very much a cat noise.

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