Episode 1 – Starting a Podcast

This is episode 1 – we’re talking about our new podcast and what our plans are for the podcast and the site. We aren’t new to the world of kink, and we aren’t new to the world of podcasting, but this is our first time combining the two!

We hope that KinkQuest brings something new and a little different to the landscape of existing kink podcasts that we know and love. Join us for this adventure, and let’s unlock some achievements along the way!

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  1. A fresh start for a site, and a fresh start for kinksters! It’s so very important, especially with stuff like kink, to keep everything accessible, open, and welcoming for folks who are new to this sort of thing. So much of the common media out there surrounding various types of sex play tends to be deep down a rabbit hole, appealing to niche viewers/consumers, so having sort of open groups inviting people to experience and learn things at their own pace is critical. The lack of judgement is also very welcome, as so many from all times of life/love may find themselves embarrassed at their supposed lack of knowledge, when in fact we all have to start our learning – and our proverbial quest – somewhere. Great work thus far, and hoping for the best!

    1. Thanks so much! We really appreciate you taking the time to check the site out, and to let us know your thoughts! It means a lot that so much of what we were trying to achieve is part of the impression you got. I truly hope that you continue to drop by as we work to bring more voices into what will hopefully be a fun community for everyone involved!

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